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Know how to use the product rule, power rules, and the quotient rule for exponents.
• Learn how to use each rule by itself first.
• Product rule
• Basic power rule
• Power rule for a product
• Power rule for quotient
• Quotient rule for exponents
• Be able to simplify an expression using any combination of the rules.

Understand how to work with negative exponents and zero as an exponent.
• Know that any nonzero number or variable raised to the 0 power is equal to 1.
• Learn the definition of a negative exponent, and be able to explain it in your own words.
• Know how to write an expression containing negative exponents with positive exponents.

Use, write, and evaluate numbers in scientific notation.
• Know how to multiply by a positive or negative power of 10, and compare it to using scientific notation.
• Understand the definition of scientific notation.
• Learn to write any number in scientific notation.
• Be able to multiply, divide, add, and subtract numbers in scientific notation.

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Course Content

Introduction to Exponents
Introduction to Exponents

  • Lesson 1: Evaluate Exponent

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