FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


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You can send a support ticket here: https://onlinelearning.link/support/

Note: this function is currently limited to teachers only. 

Your email should be firstname.lastname@gmail.com or firstname.lastname.xyz@gmail.com where xyz can be anything.

The main point is that your email contains your full name so that school can distinguish between different students. That will be important for getting your diploma as well.

If you do not have such an email, it is FREE to create one on gmail.com

As the intermediate step, at least change your Gmail personal information to contain your first and last name here: https://myaccount.google.com/personal-info and click on “NAME” – type in your REAL FULL NAME.

Just few things, really…

A laptop ($110+), a combo headset (headphones with a mic, $20+), a pen and a notebook to write in (yes, you read that right, $5), and a quiet corner with no distractions.

If you have this and you put in the work you will see the results.

Where are the emails from the school?

You may receive emails from several email addresses so make sure you add them all to your email address book.

If you don’t find the emails in your inbox, look inside the SPAM / JUNK folder.

Look for emails from alqalam71@gmail.com, forummath50@gmail.com and academic.coordinator.aqa@gmail.com

Watch a video on How to Add, Edit and Delete Contacts in Gmail, above in the GENERAL VIDEO section.

You should send an email to alqalam71@gmail.com (email subject: country) and let us know that you are travelling and which country you will need access from.

We allow access to our website members area only from those countries we have students in.

So let’s say you studied from the US and now you are travelling to some other country, you need to let us know so we can unlock access from that country and whitelist your IP address.

Once the teachers enter their zoom meeting they should claim HOST using the host key we have provided them with.

This is important when they end the meeting they end it as host otherwise the meeting keeps running preventing the next meeting to start.

This is because if they did not claim host they left the meeting as any other participant and the meeting keeps running.

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