Important Class Credit Information

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Please read carefully because this information is important for you (the student) to receive class credit after we are done with this semester. This page will be updated with new information, so bookmark it for later reference.

This applies to ALL Students and ALL Classes of our online school.

Attending online classes requirements:

  • Attendance
    • Please show up 5 minutes earlier and be prepared for the live class – this will show your attitude towards learning and knowledge as well as respect for the teachers time
    • Students who are constantly late will have attendance points taken off
    • Stay logged inside the website while in class and do not log out before class finishes
    • Find a quiet corner free from distractions so you can focus on the class and get the most benefit from it
  • Equipment
    • Use your computer during live class – do not use your phone (VERY IMPORTANT)
    • You cannot properly follow the class and benefit from it while on the phone – the screen is to small for you to see and read from the slides or whatever else presentation mode is used – you are not on Tik-Tok but in the classroom
    • If you are in a noisy environment try to use headphones / headset (if you have any) to be able to hear the class free from distractions
  • Participation
    • Prepare for the next class by reading the homework assignment
    • Prepare any questions you need clarification on or you are confused about related to the material discussed
    • Questions should be specific about a topic or paragraph and not vague as “I am not sure how computers work”
    • Be prepared to use technology you have – mic and video – we cannot waste class time on students typing responses into the Zoom chat
    • Try to avoid Zoom chat entirely!
    • For any written responses use the class group feed – type it in there or use mic in Zoom (if you cannot yet type into website feed). No need to use Zoom chat
    • When you use class group feed (website) we have a historical track record of it and your questions can be answered even after the class


Dear students, you parents are paying for you to learn from home. Please show appreciation for that by being responsible and doing your homework reading and participating in the live classes. This way you will be able to master the class material and use the knowledge in the future.

Parents will soon receive this information in an online form which they will sign as acknowledgement they have understood this so there is no confusion about it.

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