Web & Digital Exam

The exam will be next week (probably Thursday to keep Tuesday open for any questions students may have).

That is a week of December 20th, 2021.

What will we cover?

Chapters 1-4 from the book – study carefully. Also anything we did in homework assignments can be in the exam.

How many questions will there be?

Probably 20. Since we are covering 4 chapters there could be approximately 5 questions from each chapter. It could be anything from these chapters.

Use your time wisely. Use this weekend to really prepare for this exam.


Questions will be randomized, which means not everyone will get the same questions. You will have to do this on you own. There will be a time limit for the questions and you will not have the time to search for answers on Google. That means you have to really study.

How to prepare for the exam?

Here are some tips on how to prepare for exam.

Some may find it useful.

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